Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Objectives

    • Module Overview

    • Objectives

    • FFM Plan

    • Getting The Most Out Of The Course

    • Quick Intro

  • 2

    Key Concepts

    • Module Overview

    • Being Entrepreneurial

    • Who Are You?

    • The Inside Vs The Outside Investor

    • The Financial Freedom Formula

    • Key Concept: Return On Investment

    • Resources

  • 3

    Two Strategies

    • Two Strategies for Financial Freedom

  • 4

    The Five Tracks

    • The 5 Tracks Overview

  • 5

    Track 1 : Real Estate

    • Module Overview

    • Real Estate Overview

    • What Holds People Back from Real Estate?

    • Why get into Real Estate?

    • Two Types Of Investors

    • Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

    • Real Estate Hacks

    • Sample Deals

    • The Business Of Real Estate

    • Keys To Real Estate Success

  • 6

    Track 2 : Business

    • Module Overview

    • Business Overview

    • What Holds People Back from Getting into Business

    • Why Get Into Business?

    • Financial Freedom Through Business

    • Types Of Businesses

    • Raising Money

    • Example Businesses

  • 7

    Track 3 : Online Business

    • Module Overview

    • Online Business Overview

    • What Holds People Back from Online Business?

    • Why Start An Online Business?

    • Do You Need Technical Skills?

    • FF Through Online Business

    • The 5 Business Models

    • The SAAS Business Model

    • The Ad Sales Business Model

    • The Affiliate Model

    • The Leads Model

    • The Ecommerce Model

    • Business Model Comparison

    • Example Deals

    • Keys To Success

  • 8

    Track 4 : Investing

    • Module Overview

    • Investing Overview

    • FF Through Investing

    • Common Investing Mistakes

    • "Deal Flow"

    • Evaluating Deals

    • Example Deals

  • 9

    Track 5 : The Deal Maker

    • The Deal Maker

  • 10

    Taking Action

    • Module Overview

    • Choosing A Track

    • Mentors And Coaches

    • Success Keys

  • 11


    • Conclusion

Tools and life examples helped me structure my approach to success.

Alexei Navolokin

I have learned a lot. The way you structured the information, run analyses and teach in the class ABSOLUTELY Amazing. The tools and life examples helped me structure my approach to success.

Essential listening for anyone who is keen on pursuing financial independence.Arun Rajendran

What I found interesting is that this course is concise and gives clarity of thought to someone who might be interested in attaining financial independence but confused. Very well put together. I think this is essential listening for anyone who is keen on pursuing financial independence. And like all your courses, it's a pleasure to watch with clear actionable steps at the end. I loved it! I still can't believe it's free :)


Entrepreneur & Investor

Sunil Jaiswal

Sunil Jaiswal is often described by the people who know him as a man who has nothing to hide and a wealth of experience that he wants to share. It is this experience that has helped several thousand people free themselves from their financial confines, liberating their minds and spirits. While his professional interest is to teach people how to develop and build cashflow, Sunil’s fundamental goal is to help people help themselves. An successful online entrepreneur having developed 2 multi million businesses over the last 20 years. Sunil also actively invests in SAAS businesses, and has that unique blend of techie and entrepreneur.